Epic Armageddon + 2x Minigeddon reports

It's been a long time since I posted a battle report, so here are 3* reports!
* more like 2,3 reports.

First two are Minigeddon games. 
As I showed some time ago I prepared a Minigeddon Dark Eldar list. Looking at the unit roster I have no idea how this army would play since 90% of their units are assault oriented. 

I like assaulting but an assault with a 4 stand unit focused on close combat seems... ridiculous?

Az Dark Eldar:

Kabal Syndicate (Dracon, 6x Warriors, 3x Raiders)
Kabal Flotilla (4x Ravagers)
Vessel of Pain
Vessel of Pain

Michał Ork:
Big Mekboyz Gunmob (10x Big Gunz)
Big Mekboyz Stompamob (6x Stompa)
Warband (6 x Boyz, 2x Nobs, 2x Grotz)
Blitz Brigade (4x Deth Kopta)
(This list is short by 25 points so I might have missed something)

First game was an introductory, Dark Eldar vs Ad hoc Orks. 

Orks started by putting everything in garrison and Big Gunz on overwatch.

Ork win initiative and move Dethkoptas behind the landing pad hill.

I decide to advance with a Vessel of Pain and do a pop-up attack from behind the hill
Ork overwatch manages to take down both of my Shadowfields! 
In retaliation, I kill one Big Gunz and one Kopta.

Stompas advance and fire on my Ravagers, they only manage to put a blast marker on them.

The rest of turn 1:

Ork Infantry marches on the hill preparing for an assault.
Ravagers Advance and fire at the Orks killing 2 stands of Grotz.
Second Vessel of Pain Advances and fires at the Stompas killing one.
Infantry Cabal Advances taking up positions in terrain, Raiders pop up and fire at the Stompas putting a single BM on them.

Turn 2:

Eldar win activation
The shieldless Vessel of pain advances to avoid an infantry assault (but stays within support range) and fires on the Stompas killing 1 (or 2?) and breaking the unit.

Orks assault the Ravagers supported by the Vessel. Orks lose the assault and only 2 stands are left (they were able to take out one Ravager).

Second Vessel advances on the Big guns killing 2 stands.

Last move is Cabal Syndicate doubling while shooting at the Big Gunz breaking them.

We begin and automatically end round 3 since the Orks do not have any real fighting capabilities

Dark Eldar victory.

Next game is Dark Eldar vs Tau

Michał Tau:

Crisis Battlesuit Cadre - Shas'o; 4xCrisis Battlesuits; 2xGun Drones
Mounted Fire Warrior Cadre - 6xFire Warriors & 3xDevilfish; 2xGun Drones
Armour Support Group - 4xHammerhead Rail
Recon Skimmer Group - 3xTetra; 3xPiranha

Recon skimmers begin on overwatch behind the oasis.

Ravagers advance catching some seeker missiles overwatch fire losing one vehicle. They fire their guns and fail to do any damage.

A Double by the Fire Warriors moves them to the middle of the field. They attack my Ravagers killing two and breaking the unit.

Vessel of Pain (VoP) #1 advances and kills 3 Fire Warrior stands .

Vessel of Pain #2 doubles and fires at the Rail tanks taking out one of them.
Rail tanks fail to activate and instead regroup and move (the should have done only one of these actions).
Crisis suits march forward.
Kabal Syndicate doubles up to support the VoP #2 while in transit they shoot at the Crisis suits and actually kill one Suit stand.

Tau use their coordinated fire rule and take out VoP #1 with a huge attack.

Warriors assault scout formation intermingled with tanks (this is a mistake, should have left the tanks alone).
The assault goes south very quickly I manage to do two casualties and lose all but one raider and warrior stand.

The broken units retreat towards the Tau blitz.

Fire warriors assault the last Vessel of Pain and are able to destroy it losing only one infantry stand.

Tau win 2:1 on round 4, after a very intense battle!

The last game was a full format Eldar vs Imperial Guard. We decided for a little twist and switched sides for the battle, so I commanded the Eldar and Michał took my Imperial Guard (a bit modified since I wanted to try out the Leman Russ company).
Since the units and tactics were very new to me I forgot to actually take pictures for the first two rounds, so this report is more of a slideshow ;)

Eldar first activation is to take out one of the Manticore units with a sustained fire order on the Void Spinner
Guard first activation is sustained fire on the second Manticore unit and break the falcon AA shield on the right flank. Next is retain with thunderbolts and ground attack the now vulnerable Night Spinners killing one and breaking them. 

...skip to end of round 2.

Leman Russ company marches forward.

Shining Spears set up for support while Titans assault. 
I've been playing this game for over 8 years and this was the first time I actually used the War Engine ramming rules. Quite an effective strategy! In the end, Eldars barely win and lose one titan due to infantry bayonets!

Infantry moves up and prepares to summon the Avatar. I did some bac movements and placing, should have moved them closer to the hoverbikes and summoned him next to them so that he could command them to a combined assault.

Eldars win initiative
First activation is the Void Spinner firing at the Leman Russes. He is able to kill one and put 4 blast markers. Second activation is the Avatar. He goes in hot with his sword and his court. 
Inflicts one casualty and takes a wound we roll off and get a tie!
Round two is better for me, the Avatar kills 2 more tanks and wins the assault!

I retain with a third unit (the Titan) and eliminate the last Manticore unit. At this moment we decide that the game is lost for the Guard.

Eldar win on turn 3. 

This was a very interesting experience! I was able to see the other perspective. 
Those infantry companies are scary and artillery fire is a massive pain.
Michał had a lot of bad luck and I had a lot of good luck (like hitting his thunderbolts 3 out of 4 times while requiring a 7 to hit) the playstyle is completely different but very enjoyable. Instead of a slow advance, I found myself planning "hit and run" jumps that would slow my enemy down and damage him a little without endangering my units too much.