Gaslands #7 Death Race

The only Gaslands game I played in 2019 was the game that I organized by meself. A 50 can 3 player Deathrace (had to bring one player from ~100km to play due to lack of interest). The start is a total massacre! People go up in smoke, bash and ram one another in every possible way! In the end, only a few cars are left "alive". I have to say that this way is the most common I've seen death race start and to be honest I don't like that pretty much. It heavily favours the "melee" teams and leaves little room for an actual race with more than a few participants. Weapons hot and I start with dropping glue on the entire gate to slow my opponents down While they are getting bogged down I speed away to the next gate The modelling photo was not intentional, I just love when stuff like that just happens on the table! One car follows the other one goes for a head to head ram! Tight manoeuvres around some h

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