Epic Armageddon + 2x Minigeddon reports

It's been a long time since I posted a battle report, so here are 3* reports! * more like 2,3 reports.
First two are Minigeddon games.  As I showed some time ago I prepared a Minigeddon Dark Eldar list. Looking at the unit roster I have no idea how this army would play since 90% of their units are assault oriented. 

I like assaulting but an assault with a 4 stand unit focused on close combat seems... ridiculous?
Az Dark Eldar:
Kabal Syndicate (Dracon, 6x Warriors, 3x Raiders) Kabal Flotilla (4x Ravagers) Vessel of Pain Vessel of Pain
Michał Ork: Big Mekboyz Gunmob (10x Big Gunz) Big Mekboyz Stompamob (6x Stompa) Warband (6 x Boyz, 2x Nobs, 2x Grotz) Blitz Brigade (4x Deth Kopta) (This list is short by 25 points so I might have missed something)
First game was an introductory, Dark Eldar vs Ad hoc Orks. 

Orks started by putting everything in garrison and Big Gunz on overwatch.

Ork win initiative and move Dethkoptas behind the landing pad hill.

I decide to advance with a Vessel of Pain and do a pop-up…

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