Epic Armageddon Da WrocWaaaagh battle reports

Crazy times we live in, I played two games a few days ago and already there is a report from them!
Not a precise one since I was too busy enjoying the games but managed to catch some highlights and give a general feel of the battle!

Game 1 Ork vs Space Marines

Az - Ork Warhorde
Ork Warband - Oddboy with Power Field; 2xNobz; 6xBoyz; 2xGrotz; Flakwagon; Battlefortress
Ork Warband - 2xNobz; 6xBoyz; 2xGrotz; Killa Kan; Dreadnought
Stormboyz Warhorde - 6xStormboyz
Big Kult of Speed - 12xSkorcha; 4xWarbuggy
Big Kult of Speed - 12xSkorcha; 4xWarbuggy
Blitz Brigade - Oddboy with Zap; 2xFlakwagon; 2xGunwagon
Blitz Brigade - Oddboy with Soopa; 2xFlakwagon; 2xGunwagon
Mekboy Stompamob - 3xShooty Stompa; Flakwagon; Supa-Blasta-Stompa
Fighta Squadron - 3xFighta- Bommer
Fighta Squadron - 4xFighta- Bommer

Space Marines

Tactical Detachment - Supreme Commander; 6xTactical; Hunter; 3xRhino
Devastator Detachment - 4xDevastator; 2xTactical Dreadnought; 2xRhino
Terminator Detachment - Chaplain; 4xTerminator
Terminator Detachment - 4xTerminator
Bike Detachment - 4xBike; Attack Bike
Land Speeder Detachment - 5xLand Speeder
Predator Detachment - 4xPredator Annihilator
Whirlwind Detachment - 4xWhirlwind; Hunter
Warhound Titan
Thunderbolt Squadron - 2xThunderbolt Fighter-Bomber

(this list is 50pts too much, now really know what should be changed. The picture shows a bit more units that were  used)

Initial deployment

First advanced moves with the Boom Blitz Brigade. These guys showed me that a small Blitz Brigade with a Supa Blasta Oddboy (barrage weapon) is a bad idea.
The template allows you to target more units/detachments but the chance to hit drastically drop to a near 0 after a double, giving a total of 0 kills.
The titan killer weapon can kill only a single unit but it does so way more often.

Recently I discovered that there is a third type of Oddboy. 
Besides the Supa Blast and Supa zap gun, you can also add an Oddboy that grants the vehicle D3 power fields. 
At first, I was unsure if that was a valid option but then I noticed that you could add this Oddboy to your Battlefortress (which is a DC 3, non reinforced armoured transport) significantly extending its lifespan! Here you can see one such fortress doubling up to the enemy lines.

Skorchas are a powerful weapon both in an assault and standard fire. Their base 35 cm move allows them to jump the battlefield on a double (70cm) and fry any enemy infantry unit (the Ignore cover rule helps with that A LOT!). For those armoured targets, you should mix up some war buggies (12 Skorchas + 4 war buggies)  so that you can double up and put a blast marker on them and assault with a deadly firefight!

Supa Stompa accompanied by her smaller sisters and a Flak Wagon doubles up and fires at the enemy. Now that I look at this picture I think I made some nasty shenanigans.
There is no way this Supa Stompa could reach that position in turn 1. I'm either messing the timeline or made a moving mistake.

Since the Predator and scout detachments were intermingled I moved in with the Skorchas to burn some infantry and follow up with a Landa ground assault.

The attack goes flawlessly! All Marines are eliminated and the Orks lose a single Grotz stand.

Turn wrap up.

Turn 2. 
Terminators drop in from teleport and after winning the initiative roll, assault the mob decimating it almost completely.

Second Terminator unit wanted to assault my Supa Stompa but providing a lot of support fire and screening with 3 other formations made that task too dangerous so they come in and assault a Blitz Brigade.

Fighta Bomberz swoop in and land 3 hits on the titan! It had only one shield left so two hits went in, armour failed and two hits contacted. One of them was a critical and boom! One fully operational Titan went down!

Orks push forward! Skorchas burn up 3 Terminator stands (left side of the picture)

Stompas move forward and fire at the Devastators. Not much effect, mostly to move away from those pesky Terminators. 

Game ends on round 3 Orks win!

Game 2 Ork vs Necrons

Infantry Phalan - Necron Lord; 6xNecron Warriors; Tomb Spyder
Infantry Phalan - Necron Lord; 6xNecron Warriors; Tomb Spyder
Infantry Phalan - Necron Lord; 6xNecron Warriors; Tomb Spyder
Eques Maniple - 3xDestroyers; 3xHeavy Destroyers; Necron Lord
Monolith Phalan - 3xMonolith; 3xObelisk
Monolith Phalan - 3xMonolith; 3xObelisk
Venator Maniple - 6xFlayed Ones; Wraiths; Necron Lord
C'tan - C'Tan The Nightbringer
Spacecraft - Scythe Class Harvester
Tomb Complex

This was a completely new experience for me. Assault on turn 1 in my deployment zone is not a thing I am used to. 
Broken units teleporting out of the battlefield and returning via teleport next turn was also pretty unexpected. Units returning from the dead made the game pretty interesting ;) 

First Monoliths teleport on my flank.

Flayed ones move through the portal and assault my Skorchas.

I lose the assault taking 3 stands with me in the fight. My Skorchas lose 3 vehicles from close combat and a few from the losing the assault.

Supa Stompa doubles and fires at the Monoliths killing an Obelisk. 

Zap Blitz Brigade retains, doubles forward, and fires at the same formation (did I mention it was the Necron BTS?) killing 2 units and breaking it.

Warriors emerge from the broken monoliths (another new thing, non-useless broken formations!) and eradicate my zap blitz brigade.

Destroyers move through the blitz portal and fire at my broken Kult of speed.  Not having much to do  (not too many enemy formations on the table) and fearing I might get into the blast zone of the enemy space ship I decide to move forward as fast as possible. Fortress doubles up and puts a blast marker on the destroyers (out of the screen in the picture below). The non-broken Kult follows up and burns two more stands breaking the unit.

End of turn 1, broken Kult formation rallies (broken Stormboyz still broken).

The zap brigade destroyers.

The second warrior formation responsible for killing and breaking half of my Stormboyz.

My fly boyz do it again. They swoop in for a ground attack and destroy two out of the 3 remaining BTS Monoliths! I wanted to put them in a box and forget about them (because let's face it, they are some old scratch builds) but after today's spectacular run they will be upgraded and repainted!

Landa never actually got to drop its payload, it's gun harassment was enough.

At the end of round 2, the C'than moves out of the portal and shoots at my Warband not doing much damage. Warband successfully rallies at end of turn and drops all blast markers.

As a last-ditch effort on the beginning of round 3 the big bad C'tan assaults my Warband! The battle is fierce and Orks lose the fortress and 5 infantry stands, but DA BOYZ AR DA BEST! I land a lot of hits and am able to cause two wounds, thanks to superior numbers and not having any blast markers the end result is a tie. We roll the dice and Orks win the assault! 

That was too much for the Necrons after a few more moves Orks win 3:0 with BTS, Blitz and Take and hold.

These were two good games with nice and friendly people! 
Really enjoyed them! 
Hope to play more like those soon!

2020.10.04 Wrocław


  1. I'd like to know more about the alien jungle terrain

    1. They were made by my friend Michał, you can find more of his work on his Fb blog: sexysixes

  2. Potężny progres malowania i kreacji terenu!

    1. Tereny nie moje, a za malowanie dziękuję :)


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