5150 Star Army in 6mm

The below report was my first attempt in 6mm infantry skirmish solo gaming using Star Army 5150 rules from Two Hour Wargames. The game was played in late 2017 and I'm proud to say that I would do a lot better with the visuals of units and terrain now. I want to share this one with you as I recently rediscovered it and fell the need to continue with the narrative ( or start a similar one). 

Garnes 4 a little known and worried for planet in the Navis sector.

Mission 1 Recon the wastes

Our planetery defence  garrison recieved a message about some unexpected and unidentified activity in the wastelands. A debree storm recently feel there so it might be some lowlifes searching for easy profit. Initial air recon was unsuccessful due to sand storms and harsh weather. Your mission is to take a squad into the wastes and figure out what the hell is ... and to assess the situation.

( There is a lot of very engaging mission generation mechanics which I really liked, they got me really involved pre game).

End of briefing.

Squad consists of
Commander Kashak - star reputation 5
Troopers - Ferguson, Terry, Kawinsky, Garrak, Hilton - reputation 4
SAW operator Kicks - reputation 4

The game:

- We've got movement! Three readings bearing north/north-east two strong signals one medium. there is definitely something out there commander - said Ferguson. 

(We start the game with three possible enemy forces tokens. They have 6, 6 and 4 reputation - which is quite a lot since the dice used are d6 and you always want to roll below your rep)

- Hold your positions and keep your eyes peeled - Commander Kashak.

Turn one initiative:

PDF roll a 6 which means that they can activate all their reputation 6 or higher (which means no one) 

- Steady boys, I can feel trouble around the corner - Commander Kashak.

Bugs roll 5 so can activate PEF's with rep 5 or more, 

The first reputation 6 PEF moves up and is revealed as 'empty'.

- It's just some trash sir, moved by the wind - Trooper Terry
- If all of those signals turn out to be trash I'm going to personally flail the maintenance technician! - Commander Kashak

- Contact 500 meters, closing in fast! - shouted Ferguson - Bugs! Three, no four buggers heading our way through the ruins 

- Open fire!

(The second PEF was revealed as four bugs)

- shot the hell out of those bugs

-Damn those buggers are quick! We got two but the other two are almost on us!

- Get off me you pesky overgrown son of a roach!

A quick and brutal fight in which commander Kashak and one other trooper fall victim to bugs brutal strenght. Both of them go out of the fight in the first few seconds of combat. If they were here alone they would be as good as dead, luckily the rest of the squad piled in and were able to beat the living hell out of the two rodents.

-Kawinsky, Garrak grab those two and let's fall back to that ruin for a more secure poaition. We need to put some ground between us and those blips! -Trooper Terry

(Out of the fight does not mean dead, units can be severely wounded or simply in shock) they need to be carried untill stabilized/assessed as wounded/dead)

That blip was one giant bug mass. There is over 20 of them in there. Game over man! - Garrak
- Pull yourself together and fire at will! We need to slow them down or we will be overrun!

In sight is rolled. PDF wins and opens fire. All rifles and the SAW open fire and collect a heavy tool. The first two bugs literally get their brains blasted out (obviously dead) the second pair drops to the ground bleeding, not moving but not quite dead yet (out of the fight) two more get sent to the ground with minor wounds (stunned).

- It's working! They stopped! Keep firing!
( Bugs react to the loses with a halt)

PDF new turn. Marines continue to fire  hitting three bugs 1 obviously deadand  two stunned. Bugs still halt as their response

- Looks like we did not hit them hard enough! - Garrak

As their move bugs run up to close the distance.

- We gotta get out of here! There's to many of them! Tacticall retreat!

The swarm moves up so PDF fall back and fire killing one and stunning another.

Final round, PDF is outmatched and flee the scene!

Game over, mission failed!

Comander Kashak recovered from his wounds the wounded trooper however was not as lucky. He will be avenged!


This game was played almost 4 years ago (2017.11.12) at the time I believed that it was a suboptimal solution but looking at a new reality (covid and my newborn son) I believe that skirmish 6mm is the way to at least test ;)
Seeing up a 3" by 3" table is at least troublesome in my new reality so converting to centimeters and being able to use the terrain I already have sounds like the way I want to go. I already purchased the latest rules from Two Hour Wargames ( citizen soldier) so the only thing left is to actually paint some 6mm infantry and play the game!

Łódź 2017.11.12