Perilous tales - Deep Ones and Mother Hydra

Perilous Tales motivated me to invest in some horror /Lovecraftian miniatures to increase the number of available opponents. It's a great system in that regard since I only need 5-8 "bad guy" miniatures (this can scale up to 10ish some times in some rare occasions but could be hard capped at 5 if you so desire). 

The first ones on my list were the Deep ones and Mother Hydra!

Deep one:
It was scaled down to ~18 mm in height

Had more than a few issues with these models. The hands were a hard thing to print. In the end, I fixed up some hands from green stuff and the failed prints. Not the best work I ever did but since they are probably going to be used once I did not want to spend too much time on them.

The painting scheme is "fishy" airbrushed light green-brown from the bottom and dark blue from the top to make an interesting transition. The skin was next highlighted with a light blue and dotted with some brown/copper dots to break the monotony. Fins were sprayed with Sepia ink.

I also used this model which I found later:
It is scaled down to 75% to match 15mm scale a bit better (it ended up about 21mm total height).

Base was purple ink highlighted with white. Eyes turned out better than expected with base Scorpion Green and a bit of white.
A little bit of red and flesh colours make for mouths on both models.

The issue I had with these two is that once I scaled them down they did not have a lot of details left. That's why I decided to make the fins pop out more and after looking on some "deep one" images I also added the small sepia dots to add some texture and break down the single colour.

Mother Hydra is a leech queen which I purchased on Humble Bundle some time ago (my first stl purchase). I had my doubts since:
a) it's not a hydra
b) it's clearly a 28mm miniature

But then decided that:
a) it has a lot of mouths just like a hydra
b) The mother Hydra aspect from Call of Cthulu PC game was also not a typical hydra and it was huge!
c) "There is no kill like overkill".

Skin is purple darkened with purple ink, edges were highlighted with white
Zitz were first covered with white and then with Scorpion Green
Teeth/ horns were made with ushabti bone and highlighted white.
In the end the entire model was covered with a thin brown wash to make the details pop.