Imperial Guard Infantry company + How to paint


As you already saw on the 2020 summary video I Finished the infantry company on their dedicated  heraldic base!

How to paint:

Undercoat everything with white.

Mars land base:

Aribrush Vallejo Rust Orange
Airubrush Vallejo Light Red (sparingly) 

Black pin wash in receses.

Base with Vallejo Medium Sea Grey
Staple on light grey - go for non 100% coverage and on the sides staple only the top 20-30%
Edge highlight with the same as above or an even lighter tone (non-pure white)

Extreme highlights as white dots on sharp corners


German field green

german field green - scorpion green 1:1 - staple top half of the mini

german field green - scorpion green 1:2 - staple top 1/4 half of the mini

scorpion green  - staple just the top of the mini

Highlight the uniforms with small portions of GW Yriel yellow 

A small dab of Vallejo German beige on the backs of the uniforms and as the main colour for support weapons and vox casters.

Edge highlight the support weapons and vox casters with 1:1 mix of White and German Beige.

Paint the boots with Vallejo German Grey ( this past I hate the most).

Infantry lasguns

Base with Vallejo red.

Paint only the top half with Vallejo light red

Paint the little triangle (aquilla) with GW Yriel Yellow.

Finish the mini off with some black pin washes

Finishing up the entirety of this company took some time but I am really happy with the end result! 

It looks really nice and pop's quite nicely on the table even when their scattered around the board and not in parade formation.