Perilous tales - Slimes + How to paint

One of the more interesting monsters in the game. Despite being multiple miniatures they all act as a single organism. It acts a bit like a hydra. Strike one down and two smaller ones pop in their place. 

Here are the files that I used to print mine and a the how to for painting them. 

Main blob:
Print with scale: 1066% (or maybe 800%)

The base is 35 mm wide so it's taller than a normal human in 15mm scale and a lot wider.

The small bases are all 18mm which puts the medium blobs a bit higher than an average human.

Medium slime
Print with scale: 73%

Small Slime

Print with scale: 60%

Originally I found and planned to print different files, but after viewing a video on YT by 'The Cocked Dice' I fell for the same slimes that were present there.

I decided on a different paint scheme. Since these are supposed to represent a single blob organism I decided to drop any "light" effects since they have no internal power source. That's why they are all pretty flat in the pictures. The highlights and colour changes (better visible in real life than in my photos) do a good job of giving them an interesting view.

How to paint:

Spray from top pale yellow
Spray from bottom sepia ink
Spray from top (zenital) GW green
Spray from top (zenital) just in top places GW scorpion green

pale yellow + sepia ink 
and so on until proper highlights are achieved (the last one is almost pure pale yellow