Epic Armageddon Mega Battle 2020 #2 pool result

 After a week of voting the results are known!

After counting all the votes the results are:

Third place with 8 votes: Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legion!

Second place with 17 votes Ork Warhorde!

First place with 26 votes Imperial Guard Steel Legion!

The Orks dominated that main post but the Guard were able to surpass them in other posts and thus gain a strong victory!

Now is the time for preparations!
First of all, I actually need to finish my 3000 point list with an additional infantry company. Thanks to a friend (who prefers to stay anonymous) I received a fresh batch of resin 3D printed infantry. You might have already seen the thematic base that I prepared for them.

This is how they present themselves on it :)

It might be the creator speaking but I really like the end result!

Next in line is preparing the army. As you might remember from last year the additional rules for army creation are:

  1. 4500 point limit
  2. up to a maximum of 13 activations
The current force is a good balance and I would like to expand on it rather than rebuild it (the fact that I already have 90% models done for them also helps ;)

The plan for the moment is to add as many units as I already have painted but do not use that often. Leman Russ Tank company will probably be one of them! Maybe some Marauder bombers for that additional airborne firepower?

If you have any suggestions I would love to hear about them!