Ulani Tank Regiment + How to paint

In my yearly summary for 2019 I mentioned that I started a different Imperial Guard paint scheme since I got bored with the green one. That's why I started printing new vehicles and painted them in a much more colourful way. For a second I was thinking of repainting my current units but that idea went away as soon as it came.

The Plan for this army is two-fold:
Step one is to create a Minigeddon force (which I actually used with some good results)

1000 Points:
  • Light Artillery (3x Griffon)
  • Light Artillery (3x Griffon)
  • Ulani Tank Company (6 Tanks)
  • Ulani Tank Company (6 Tanks)

Part two is creating a regular army for normal organized play. right now I have two in mind

  • Regimental HQ (Command Tank + 9 Tanks) + Hydra
  • Ulani Tank Company (6 Tanks) + Hydra
  • Ulani Tank Company (6 Tanks) + Hydra
  • Ulani Tank Company (6 Tanks) + Hydra
  • Super Heavy tank (Shadowsword)
  • Recon Support (6x Salamander Scout Tanks)
  • Medium Artillery (3x Basilisk)
  • Light Artillery (3x Griffon)
  • Thunderbolt Fighters (2x Fighters)

I'm not entirely sold on the Medium artillery unit (3 Basilisk), might actually swap it out for light artillery and some thunderbolts? The list is open 

The camouflage is loosely based on a German WW2 camo pattern

As you probably noticed some of the vehicles are darker than the rest. This is a perfect example of bad prototyping approach. Instead of painting a single machine, I started with painting six thinking "I't going to be awesome, what could possibly go wrong".

Indeed everything went ok, but after asking around I got some good feedback to go brighter, which I  did and am quite happy with the results. 

For more details you can check out the entire army here:

How to paint:

Base white.
Chrome Yellow (can be mixed with WW2 German Beige)
Vallejo Orange Brown + Vallejo Read Leather as brown spots
Green spots are Vallejo Field Grey

Edge highlights as buttery colour (yellow/white mix)

Blue is Vallejo Prusian Blue
Threads are Vallejo German Grey followed by Vallejo Gunmetal metal and a black wash

Pin wash with black oil paint (did not try the MIG Blue-black panel wash on these ones yet).

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